Thursday, April 15, 2010

What boys' name goes well with the middle name Roy?

My father's middle name is Roy and he was named after my late grandmothers brother Leroy. I would like to use Roy as a middle name but nothing seems to go with it. Any suggestions?

What boys' name goes well with the middle name Roy?
Dylan Roy

Ryan Roy

Tyler Roy

Daniel Roy

Patrick Roy

Thomas Roy

Michael Roy

Nicholas Roy

Andrew Roy

Eric Roy

Zachary Roy

David Roy

Kevin Roy

Christopher Roy


Reply:Alan Roy
Reply:How about Lee. Then you can have Lee Roy and kill two birds with one stone.
Reply:How about Jason Roy? (JR for short) Or Joshua Roy?
Reply:Brooklyn Roy

Lee Roy

Anthony Roy
Reply:How about Kenneth Roy _______? It depends a lot on the last name too...

(I've got a friend named Kenneth Roy) ;)
Reply:michael roy...richard roy...thomas roy...david think most common names would go well

Reply:William Roy?

I plan to name my boy (way down the road) William because thats the name of my father and father in law.

Johnny Roy?
Reply:douglas roy........
Reply:Andrew Roy
Reply:Aurthur Roy
Reply:Jothathan Roy

Jacob Roy

Michael Roy
Reply:Evan is my favorite, followed by Russel, David, Daniel, Richard, William, I don't! I named my son Jacob James, I think a two syllable first name sounds good with a one syllable middle name, don't you think?
Reply:bryan roy
Reply:I think James Roy sounds nice.
Reply:How about ROY BOY?
Reply:Alexander, Xaviour, Jeremiah or Michel
Reply:A first name with 3 syllables sounds best to me.
Reply:My son is Anthony LeRoy
Reply:Isaac Roy or Oliver Roy
Reply:Alex Roy

Austin Roy

Aiden Roy

Brayden Roy

Bailey Roy

Brady Roy

Canyon Roy

Chase Roy

Connor Roy

Devon Roy

Damon Roy

Easton Roy

Eli Roy

Garret Roy

Gavin Roy

Gunter Roy

Hayden Roy

Jaxon Roy

Javon Roy

Kenton Roy

Landon Roy

Mason Roy

Nolan Roy

Owen Roy

Payton Roy

Rylan Roy

Trenton Roy

Weston Roy

Wesley Roy

Also, another suggestion would be to use Leroy as the middle name if you don't like the way Roy sounds for any of those. Best wishes and Congrats!!!!
Reply:Here are a few Suggestions:

Bryson ROY

Brandon ROY

William ROY

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Charlie or James



Reply:roy is a bad middle name, because no name suits it well. but i would go for TERRENCE there becase its masculin sounds great and also you can call him troy as a shortage i would be happy with a name like terrence (troy).

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